Mobile Compactors

Tech-Mark offers you the ultimate mobile storage system with the latest ‘Easy Glide’ technology for a noise-free, effortless and smooth operation for years together.

The system offers the security of stored material and proves to be very cost-effective. This system requires lesser space than conventional racking systems/cupboards. It can save up to 60% of floor space compared to conventional static shelving or can increase the storage capacity by almost 100%. The system glides on steel tracks and consists of mobile base units onto which different shelving options can be assembled. When a particular rack is required, the appropriate aisle is opened up by mechanical or electrically driven bases. Only one aisle is required to service multiple racks.

Constructional Features

— Sturdy and precision-fabricated racks using high qualitymaterial.
— Precisely engineered guide rails, gears, sprockets and chains for smooth, jerk- free movement and low noise or vibrations.
— Sealed bearings with lifetime lubrication

Constructional Features

— Sheet metal cladding, ensuring protection from dust, damage or theft.
— Position locking of racks during usage to ensure operator safety.
— Complete system can be locked to prevent unauthorisedaccess.
— System requires minimal maintenance.

How does the Mobile compactor work?

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Customer Benefits

Typically up to 60% space saving due to single aisle for multiple racks.
Due to single aisle, storage space availability increases by nearly 80% in the same area as that of conventional racking.
Stored material is safe from dust, damage, external influences or theft and in-built system features ensure safety ofoperator.
Very less human efforts required for moving the racks with heavy loads.
A list of stored material is available on an acrylic sheet holder on one side of the rack. This saves nearly 30% time of the user.
Allows access to multiple rackssimultaneously.