Automated Storage
& Retrieval System(AS/RS)

Automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS or AS/RS) consists of a variety of computer-controlled systems for automatically placing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are typically used in applications where:

— There is a very high volume of loads being moved into and out of storage
— Storage density is important because of space constraints
— No value is added in this process (no processing, only storage and transport)
— Accuracy is critical because of potential expensive damages to the load.

How does The AS/RS work?

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Mini Load AS/RS

The Mini-Load ASRS Crane is a highly dynamic automated storage and retrieval system designed to efficiently and expeditiously handle small parts, totes, trays, and cartons. Capable of rapid acceleration and high-speed movement on a three dimensional axis

Single Deep AS/RS

Single-deep automated storage comprises direct retrieval of all unit loads in storage from either side of any storage and retrieval machine. It is ideal for a lower range of items that require instant accessibility to every unit load. Standard single-deep AS/RS operate using a telescopic fork.

Double Deep AS/RS

We are involved in offering a wide gamut of Double deep ASRS that is manufactured using high-grade raw material and the the latest technology as per the set universalstandards.
These products are tested against various parameters under the strict supervision of our adroit professionals to ensure flawless deliveries.
In addition to this, our offered products can also be customized as per various specifications from our prestigious clients.

Software for Automated Storage

Retrieval and storage ofdocuments at a single click.
Facility to define document indexing and tagging details.
Functionality to have a soft copy or hard copy or both in the system.

Customer Benefits

An efficient AS/RS system helps companies cut expenses by minimizing the amount of unnecessary parts and products in storage, and improving organization of the contents of a warehouse. Due to automated processes, it also allows for more storage space due to high-density storage, narrower aisles, etc.
Automation reduces labor costs while lowering workforce requirements and increasing safety.
Modeling and managing the logical representation of the physical storage facilities (e.g. racking, etc.)
Enabling a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack, and ship product out of the facility.
Tracking where products are stocked, which suppliers they come from, and the length of time they are stored. By analyzing such data, companies can control inventory levels and maximize the use of warehouse space. Furthermore, firms are more prepared for the demands and supplies of the market, especially during special circumstances such as a peak season on a particular month. Through the reports generated by an AS/RS system, firms are also able to gather important data that may be put in a model for it to be analyzed.