logistics sector

The key to the profitability of the logistics sector is the optimum utilisation of available space and a safe and quick storage and retrieval mechanism. The more the automation, the more is the confidence shown by clients in logistics companies. Our storage solutions with optional material handling automation expertise and experience will ensure the most optimum level of automation for logistics companies. Add to this our warehouse management system and we have a complete warehouse automation solution to delivery substantial business benefits to the logistics industry.

Manufacturing & Automotive Sector

Our storage solutions such as Carousels and Lean Lifts are ideal for both, near production line storage as well as automation of central stores. Clients can use our solutions for storage of raw materials, in process inventory or finished goods, or spares and machine tools. We can propose a solution based on your product, retrieval time and other specifications in addition to the available space on your shop floor or in your stores area. Bundled with our inventory management software, which can be integrated with existing ERP and other systems, this becomes the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for the manufacturing industries. A number of multinational companies using our products would vouch for this.

Health & Pharmaceutical Sector

Our products can be customised to meet specific temperature and other environmental conditions required by the Pharma or health sectors, thus catering to specific product and regulatory requirements of the sector. We already have several companies in this sector on our client list.

banking sector

Banks have a huge number of documents pertaining to clients, regulatory compliance or several others that need to be stored in safe, dirt free, fire free environment. Add to that the issues related to safety and integrity of documents, quick retrieval requirements and our Carousels for document storage is the solution that just suits the need. We can have custom locks, RFID based access control mechanism on our solutions to ensure the safety of files and documents. Our document storage solution comes bundled with a software, which can also act as standalone document management system or can be integrated with existing systems.

public sector

In today’s world order, the public sector across countries is in the process of migrating to a digitised and automated operating and governance model. In this scenario, it becomes important to store records in terms of documents pertaining to various legal matters, land records, citizen records and other administrative files in a secure environment for several years together. Our Carousels have been deployed by large public sector undertakings for document as well as inventory storage along with our related software solutions. A number of district administration offices in India as well as reputed defense establishments across the countries use our storage solutions for faster, secure storage and retrieval of documents or inventory.