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Established in 1998, the Tech-Mark group specializes in offering solutions for Automation & Controls to various industry segments. Tech-Mark is a highly respected, young and innovative organization based on the principles of innovation, quality and customer delight is our cornerstone. We pride ourselves in being one of the few companies which specialize in “end to end automation solutions for our clients.

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Vertical Carousel System V - Store

The Vertical carousels V-Store is most modern and cost-efficient Storage and Retrieval system for today’s industry. It Works on a two vertical chain loop mechanism which is electrically driven.

— Use of the complete available height for storage.

— Works on a simple Paternoster principle

— A sheet metal cladding ensures protection this assembly.

— A window is provided at ergonomic level for easy loading and unloading of material.

— Entire control using a PC based software with versions for inventory and document management, a PLC controller and an emergency manual mode.

Heavy Duty Racks System

Racking and Shelving Providers in UAE

The Heavy Dusty Racks system offers the most convenient bolting-free rack system which is flexible, rugged, reliable, and yet economical.

Industrial Racking Solutions 

The concept of this system is to offer you the most convenient bolting-free rack system which is flexible, rugged, reliable, and yet economical. By using this system, you can easily store material of different odd shapes and sizes by quickly adjusting the racks and shelves in uae. This racking system is recommended in preference to the conventional bolted type racking system for its ease and simplicity of construction. It does not require any special tools or tackles either for assembly, adjustment or dismantling and can be quickly
and easily carried out even by an unskilled labour.

Mobile Compactors

Tech-Mark offers you the ultimate mobile storage system with the latest ‘Easy Glide’ technology for a noise-free, effortless and smooth operation for years together.
The system offers the security of stored material and proves to be very cost-effective. This system requires lesser space than conventional racking systems/cupboards. It can save up to 60% of floor space compared to conventional static shelving or can increase the storage capacity by almost 100%. The system glides on steel tracks and consists of mobile base units onto which different shelving options can be assembled. When a particular rack is required, the appropriate aisle is opened up by mechanical or electrically driven bases. Only one aisle is required to service multiple racks.

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