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Objective: Automated Storage and Retrieval of Temperature-Controlled Aluminium Fixtures for Aerospace Precision

Introduction: A key player in aerospace engineering, confronted the challenge of efficiently storing and retrieving temperature-sensitive Aluminium Fixtures. As these fixtures are crucial for aerospace applications, maintaining specific temperature conditions is imperative to preserve their properties. The need for a tailored solution led to the deployment of the Vstore, an automated vertical storage solution with an integrated air-conditioning facility.

Problem Statement:

Temperature Sensitivity: Aluminium Fixtures, vital for aerospace, require precise temperature control to prevent alterations in material properties and dimensions.
Customization: Conventional storage methods lacked the customization needed for aerospace-specific requirements.
Potential Financial Loss: Failure to maintain optimal storage conditions could lead to permanent damage, resulting in financial losses for the organization.


Implemented the Vstore, an automated vertical storage system customized for aerospace needs. Key features include:

Air-Conditioning Facility: An in-built AC system ensures a controlled environment, preserving the original properties of temperature-sensitive Aluminium Fixtures.
Temperature Maintenance: The solution maintains a specific temperature, preventing alterations in material properties and dimensions.
Customization: The Vstore is highly customized to meet the specific needs of the aerospace industry.
Precision Retrieval: The system provides 100% accurate storage and retrieval of fixtures.


Enhanced Preservation: The Vstore’s air-conditioning facility ensures optimal conditions, preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive Aluminium Fixtures.
Precision and Accuracy: The system guarantees accurate retrieval, preventing errors and potential damage to critical aerospace components.
Industry-Specific Customization: Tailored to aerospace requirements, the solution optimizes storage for Aluminium Fixtures, enhancing operational efficiency.
Future-Ready: The scalable nature of Vstore allows for easy expansion, ensuring adaptability to evolving aerospace demands.

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