Case Studies

Objective: Optimize Wing Storage & Processes Efficiency

Introduction: A key player in automated storage and retrieval for aircraft components aimed to revolutionize its processes. Specializing in Wing Storage and additional processes like Fay Sealing, Edge Sealing, and NCMF Storage, the challenge lay in space utilization and handling large-sized parts efficiently. Conventional methods occupied significant production areas, posing difficulties in maintaining FIFO for raw materials. The implementation of LeanStore for Sheet Metal Storage and VStore for Large Aircraft Parts addressed these challenges, bringing about transformative changes in storage efficiency.

Problem Statement:

Space Constraints with Sheet Metal Storage: Conventional methods demanded extensive space for sheet metal storage, encroaching upon valuable production areas.
Handling Challenges of Pallets with Sheet Metal: Managing pallets with sheet metal presented a significant challenge, requiring a sophisticated solution for efficient handling.
FIFO Maintenance Difficulty: Maintaining a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) system for raw materials became challenging with traditional storage methods, impacting production efficiency.


To address these challenges, the organization deployed LeanStore and VStore:

LeanStore for Sheet Metal Storage: Achieved a remarkable 60% reduction in required storage space, optimizing production areas and promoting efficient sheet metal storage.
VStore for Large Aircraft Parts: Enabled the storage of heavy parts of large sizes, overcoming the limitations of traditional storage systems.
Central System Driven Operations: Implemented a central system to drive operations seamlessly, ensuring a unified and efficient approach to storage and retrieval.


Space Efficiency Enhancement: LeanStore’s space optimization resulted in a 60% reduction, freeing up valuable production areas for other critical operations.
Handling Large Parts with Ease: VStore’s implementation facilitated the storage of heavy and large-sized aircraft parts, addressing the challenges associated with conventional methods.
Operational Centralization for Efficiency: Centralized system-driven operations streamlined processes, enhancing overall efficiency in storage and retrieval.
Cost Savings through Space and Labor Efficiency: Efficient space utilization and reduced manual handling contributed to cost savings, aligning with lean manufacturing principles.
FIFO Compliance for Raw Materials: The new system ensured the effective maintenance of FIFO, promoting efficiency and accuracy in production processes.
Enhanced Accuracy and Product Quality: The automated retrieval processes minimized the risk of errors and material damage, leading to improved overall product quality.

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