Case Studies

Objective: Efficiently automate the storage and retrieval of documents, ensuring accuracy and speed for educational institutions.

Introduction: A prominent institution in the academic landscape sought to revolutionize its document management. Specializing in offering diverse courses, the university faced a daunting challenge in accurately and swiftly retrieving a large volume of documents scattered across locations. As the demand for efficient processes increased, the need for a sophisticated solution became evident. This drove the implementation of VStore, a customized Automated Vertical Storage Solution, aiming to automate storage and retrieval processes seamlessly, ensuring precision and speed.

Problem Statement:

Vast Volume Challenge: Retrieving answer sheets accurately and rapidly from a colossal pool of over 60 lakhs stored across diverse locations posed a significant operational challenge.
Timeliness and Accuracy: The existing methods struggled to meet the stringent timelines for retrieval, impacting the speed and accuracy required for efficient evaluation processes.
Complex Tracking: Tracking answer sheets manually across multiple locations proved complex and time-consuming, hampering the overall efficiency of the evaluation workflow.
Operational Inefficiencies: Manual retrieval methods were prone to errors, leading to operational inefficiencies and potential delays in the evaluation and result declaration.


To tackle these challenges, the institution deployed VStore, a comprehensive Automated Vertical Storage Solution:

38 Integrated Systems: Integration of 38 automated vertical storage solutions through a unified interface, ensuring centralized and efficient document management.
Rapid Retrieval Time: VStore guarantees the accurate retrieval of an answer sheet within 1 minute from the entire network of storage systems, optimizing evaluation timelines.
Barcode Integration: Seamless integration with barcodes streamlines tracking, reducing errors and enhancing accuracy in the retrieval process.
Virtual and Physical Integration: VStore seamlessly integrates virtual and physical storage, enabling easy store, search, view, and retrieval of documents with a single click.
Secure Storage Environment: The system ensures a completely dust-free, fire-retardant, and leak-proof environment, preserving the integrity of answer sheets.


Operational Efficiency Boost: VStore significantly improves operational efficiency by reducing the time required for material retrieval, contributing to faster evaluation cycles.
Resource Optimization: The vertical design optimizes space utilization, freeing up valuable areas for other critical operational needs, promoting resource efficiency.
Cost Savings through Automation: Automation reduces the need for manual labor, leading to long-term cost savings and improved cost-effectiveness.
Enhanced Document Integrity: Automated retrieval minimizes the risk of errors and potential material damage, ensuring the integrity of academic documents.
Workflow Streamlining: The integration of VStore streamlines operations from retrieval to evaluation, resulting in smoother workflows and improved overall productivity.
Future-Ready Scalability: VStore’s modular nature allows for easy expansion, ensuring scalability as SPPU’s needs evolve in the dynamic academic landscape.

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