Case Studies

Objective: Enhancing Naval Operations with Automated Storage

Introduction: The Material Organisation of the Indian Navy faces a critical challenge in efficiently storing a diverse array of ship components, each requiring specific temperature conditions. To address this challenge, the implementation of an Automated Vertical Storage Solution, LeanStore, is underway. This transformative system aims to revolutionize the storage and retrieval of parts, ensuring precision and efficiency in naval operations.

Problem Statement:

Varied Ship Components Storage: Storing a different variety of ship components with specific temperature requirements poses a significant logistical challenge.
Temperature-Specific Storage: The necessity to store ship components under specific temperature conditions demands a highly controlled and specialized storage solution.
Efficient FIFO-Based System: Implementing a FIFO-based system becomes imperative for the seamless retrieval of ship components while maintaining their integrity.


To tackle these challenges, the Indian Navy deployed an Automated Vertical Storage Solution – LeanStore:

FIFO-Based System Implementation: LeanStore was configured to operate on a FIFO basis, ensuring that components are retrieved in the order they are stored, enhancing operational efficiency.
Customized for Varied Component Sizes: The system was customized to accommodate a variety of ship component sizes, providing flexibility and adaptability to the diverse naval inventory.
Software-Driven Operations: LeanStore operates on advanced software-driven mechanisms, optimizing the retrieval process and ensuring precision in storage and retrieval operations.


Precision with FIFO System: The implementation of a FIFO-based system ensures precision in retrieval, contributing to faster and error-free operations.
Adaptability to Component Sizes: Customization for varied component sizes enhances flexibility, allowing the storage of diverse naval components with ease.
Efficient Software-Driven Operations: Software-driven operations streamline storage and retrieval processes, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

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