Case Studies

Objective: Revolutionizing the Storage of Machine Parts.

Introduction: Two prominent players in Automotive Electronics Manufacturing in India initiated a transformative journey to automate the storage and retrieval of machine parts. Focused on SAP integration, the challenge was to streamline operations for efficient production. The implementation of an Automated Vertical Storage solution, combining LeanStore and VStore, marked a pivotal shift in their approach, offering a highly customized and seamlessly integrated system.

Problem Statement:

Highly Customized Storage Needs: Machine parts storage required a highly customized solution with pick-o-lights based retrieval, posing challenges in conventional storage methods.
SAP Integration Complexity: The complexity of seamlessly integrating with SAP demanded a sophisticated solution for efficient data management and retrieval processes.
Networked LeanStore Requirements: Multiple LeanStores needed to be connected in a networked mode to facilitate the efficient storage and retrieval of machine parts across the manufacturing facility.
Accuracy Imperative: The imperative for 100% accurate storage and retrieval demanded a system that could minimize errors and enhance overall operational precision.

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To address these challenges, two entities deployed an Automated Vertical Storage solution:

Pick-O-Lights Based Retrieval: Implemented a highly customized solution with pick-o-lights based retrieval, optimizing the accuracy and speed of the retrieval process.
Seamless SAP Integration: Achieved close and seamless integration with SAP, ensuring efficient data management and retrieval processes.
Networked LeanStore Implementation: Connected multiple LeanStores in a networked mode, facilitating synchronized storage and retrieval operations across the manufacturing facility.
Precision in Storage and Retrieval: Ensured 100% accuracy in storage and retrieval, minimizing errors and enhancing overall operational precision.


Enhanced Retrieval Precision: The pick-o-lights based retrieval system significantly enhanced precision, contributing to faster and error-free retrieval processes.
Efficient SAP Data Management: Seamless SAP integration optimized data management, reducing complexities and ensuring accurate retrieval processes.
Networked Operational Efficiency: The networked LeanStore implementation streamlined operations, promoting efficiency in storage and retrieval across the manufacturing facility.
Operational Accuracy Advancement: Precision in storage and retrieval ensured 100% accuracy, minimizing errors and contributing to overall operational excellence.

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