Case Studies

Objective: Automation of storage and retrieval of Temperature-Controlled Printing Frames.

Introduction: In the packaging and printing industry, there was a need for an efficient solution for storing and retrieving Temperature-Controlled Printing Frames. These frames play a crucial role in printing on plastic containers of various capacities. To address this requirement, a specialized storage system, Vstore, was deployed. Vstore is an automated vertical storage solution equipped with an air-conditioning facility.

Problem Statement:

Temperature Sensitivity: Printing Frames require a specific temperature to ensure optimal printing quality on plastic containers.
Customization: Conventional storage methods did not meet the specialized requirements of the printing industry.
Efficient Retrieval: The need for a system that provides a user-friendly and efficient method of retrieving printing frames.


Implemented Vstore, an automated vertical storage solution customized for printing frames. Key features include:

Air-Conditioning Facility: The in-built AC system ensures the maintenance of the required temperature for the Printing Frames.
Customization: Vstore is highly customized to meet the specific needs of the packaging and printing industry.
Customized Inventory Solution: The system provides a tailored inventory management solution for efficient tracking and retrieval.
Human Machine Interface (HMI): An editable feature through HMI allows for easy material retrieval, enhancing user-friendliness.


Printing Quality: The controlled temperature environment ensures optimal printing quality on plastic containers.
User-Friendly Interface: The HMI feature provides an intuitive and editable interface for easy material retrieval.
Industry-Specific Customization: Vstore is tailored to the unique requirements of the packaging and printing industry.
Reliable Temperature Maintenance: The air-conditioning facility ensures consistent and controlled temperatures for the Printing Frames.

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