Case Studies

Objective: Enhance turnaround time and accuracy in the storage and retrieval of aircraft parts for improved operational efficiency.

Introduction: A vital entity within the Indian Air Force, sought to optimize the storage and retrieval of aircraft parts. The increasing need for quicker turnaround times and heightened accuracy prompted the exploration of advanced solutions. The deployment of an Automated Vertical Storage Solution, LeanStore, emerged as a strategic move to address these challenges and elevate operational efficiency.

Problem Statement:

Quicker Turnaround Time: The conventional storage methods hindered swift access to aircraft parts, impacting the overall turnaround time.
Accuracy Requirement: Ensuring precision in the retrieval of diverse aircraft components posed a significant challenge.


To meet the objectives, the implementation of LeanStore, an automated vertical storage solution, was undertaken. Key features included:

Customized for Small Parts: LeanStore was tailored to accommodate the storage needs of small aircraft components efficiently.
Possible Integration: Ongoing discussions centered on the potential integration of LeanStore with the Air Force central system, promising further operational cohesion.


Enhanced Precision: The customized solution facilitated accurate storage and retrieval of small aircraft parts.
Integration Prospects: The potential integration with the central Air Force system hinted at seamless operational synchronization, streamlining overall processes.

This strategic move toward automation not only tackled existing challenges but also laid the foundation for future advancements in the storage and retrieval of aircraft parts, aligning with the dynamic requirements of the Indian Air Force.

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