Working of ASRS

ASRS 1An Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) consists of Computer Controlled & PLC based stacker crane driven system for automatically placing & retrieving materials from defined storage locations. The ASRS is generally used in situations involving high volumes of goods storage. It allows more storage space due to high-density storage & narrower aisles. It exploits the vertical height of each Warehouse. An ASRS based storage automation solution increases efficiency of Material Tracking, handling and overall throughput. Inventory is maintained on a FIFO basis and is managed through our advanced Inventory Management System, which also interfaces with the electromechanical components to optionally control the pick and place operations.

Safety Features

  • Safety sensors as per FEM 9.754
  • Racking structure design standard as per FEM 9.831 requirement
  • Storage retriever machine as per FEM 9.311


  • Space saving: It utilizes complete length, height and depth of the stores to ensure high density storage.
  • Cost cutting: A single retriever over the long storage space reduces system cost.ASRS 2
  • Flexibility in material storage: Material with variable weight, sizes and shapes can stored.
  • Quick retrieval: The retriever moves in both planes simultaneously and ensures quick retrieval.
  • Security of material: The system is closed from all the sides and there is only one window for storage and retrieval of material.
  • Easy expansion: Over a period, racks can be added in the existing system.
  • Reduced manpower: The entire storage system can be handled only by one or two persons.
  • Time saving: More number of cycles per hour reduces time in material retrieval.
  • Advanced Inventory Management Software: Tech-Mark provides a specially developed software for Complete Inventory Management which can be easily integrated with the existing ERPs & other systems.Software also functions as an integrated component of a warehouse management system which can help users to accurately track, store & retrieve material from locations at a distance within a warehouse.

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