LeanStore Constructional Features

  • The system is completely enclosed using sheet metal cladding and has one operating window at ergonomic level.
  • The operating window is lockable using electro – mechanical mechanism. Additional sensors provide higher safety to the operator as well as  operating system.
  • The system is constructed using precision fabricated pipes, channels and sheet metal and can  be customized to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • Retrieving mechanism or platform is fitted to vertical chain loops at four corners of the platform, which give upward and downward motion to the platform.



  • Advanced PLC controller with HMI for numeric display.
  • Quick material retrieval using the shelf number or even the part number.
  • The system rotates in clockwise or anticlockwise direction to select the shortest possible path.
  • Can be interfaced with computer and provision of RS232C serial port


  • Quick retrieval: The system is faster as compared to vertical carousel. In this system, only the retriever is moving and not all the trays, ensuring faster retrieval
  • Space saving: Utilizes complete height and saves horizontal space up to 80%.
  • Optimum storage capacity: This system allows larger tray dimensions compared to vertical carousel and also varying pitch is possible, allowing storage of material of different shapes and sizes in the same system.
  • Higher load capacity: Shelves are stationary and can be designed for 1MT load capacity (per shelf).
  • Safety of material: Totally enclosed system, avoids damage to material from external influences and protects material from theft.
  • Manpower saving: High degree of automation reduces manpower requirement.
  • Effective inventory control: Material can be accessed only after entering the part number and quantity, in turn ensuring timely update of record. This allows precise inventory control.
  • User-friendly system: Very easy to operate and maintain after a brief training.
  • Smooth operation: Only the retriever is moving up and down with the help of a chain and sprocket mechanism, thus ensuring very low noise and jerk-free material handling.
  • Operator safety: Curtain sensors at the opening window ensure the operator safety during operation and prevent accidents. Emergency switch at front allows instantaneous halting during operation in case of an emergency.
  • Ideal for mid-sized, mid-weight and heavy weight components varying in  shape, size and weight.
  • System offers higher flexibility to accommodate a variety of items to be  stored.
  • The pitch between two trays can be variable, allowing storage of items with variable dimensions.
  • In this system, trays are stationary while the retrieving mechanism is moving, which increases load capacity per shelf (up to 1MT per tray).
  • The PLC-controlled platform known as retriever is similar to a lift, moves up and  down to locate a particular tray while storing/retrieving the material. The desired tray is brought to the operating window located at ergonomic level for easy loading or unloading of material.
  • Very easy to operate and maintain and allows full utilisation of the available height.

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