Our experienced technology team can integrate our storage solutions and the inventory or document management solution or our warehouse management solution with our client’s existing systems. We have rich experience in the following aspects of integration and customisation:

  • Data migration from existing systems into new one: Writing migration scripts, tools and programs.
  • Database import/export and integration across applications: Excel, XML based import and export of data across applications.
  • Building interfaces into Enterprise Systems such as SAP or custom built systems: Business layer and UI level integration with existing systems.
  • Customisation of our software to meet the overall enterprise needs in terms of automation: Driven by user needs, we can modify our software to meet client specifications in terms of user interface, additional logic layers, building of reporting and dashboard layers over existing systems and much more.

Our integration and customisation services enables our clients to optimize and leverage their existing systems, while getting benefits from our software solutions, enabling one single view of the business operations.

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